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Houston Matters - Clean Power Plan & Property Taxes: Wednesday’s Show

  • April 1, 2015

The Texas Public Policy Foundation recently released a study about the federal government’s proposed Clean Power Plan, which aims to regulate carbon emissions from power plants. Their assessment: doom and gloom, lost jobs, and rolling blackouts throughout the state. But others say the plan is positive, forward-thinking and the criticisms are overblown. 

On this edition of Houston Matters, we look at arguments for and against the plan and Dave Fehling, News 88.7’s energy and environment reporter, joins us to help sort through the rhetoric. 

We also consider whether Houston’s real estate market is taking a little breather. It’s what some in the industry are calling a “pause” in the market. We discuss what that means and how it could resonate with the rest of Houston’s economy. 

Then: did you recently get your property appraisal? Did it leave you with questions, concerns — and maybe even a little bit of frustration? Our experts on property taxes will answer your questions and even advise you how to fight an unfair appraisal. 

How to Dispute Your Property Appraisal

Many homeowners in Harris County may still be reeling from a property appraisal notice they recently received in the mail. Officials say about 90 percent of Harris County saw an increase in their property value. Of course, that also means a hike in taxes. 

To discuss why home values have gone up, and how Harris County homeowners can reduce their tax burden, we’re joined by three guests: Elizabeth Doss is property tax director in Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Mike Sullivan’s Office; Jack Barnett is chief communications officer for the Harris County Appraisal District; and Sylvie Novotny is a property tax consultant with Novotny and Company